Mosquito Control Division

Treatment of BTI in septic tanks to stop mosquito breeding and installing our patent pending mosqui trap on top of the vent pipe of the septic tank


Organic Product Division

Organic Product Division Introduces top of the line products for household and outdoors


STP System Division

We treat the STP and ETP systems to control COD and BOD and other parameters in waste water management using the following products.


Antozino™ Candles Division

Candles consisting of All Weather, Scented, Non-Scented Candles, White Candles etc…

About Us

It all started when I,Thaddeus Alemao,  the inventor of the famous “Odour Absorbing Splatter Screen” in the USA was asked  by my cousin

Valentino Barretto, if there was anything  we could do with the problems of the mosquitoes in his back yard.? …

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Our Products

BOMBAY INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS PVT LTD has come up with various Innovative and Eco-friendly Mosquito Eradication Products.

MOSQUI TRAP: A patent pending mosquito trap, that stops mosquitos and other inscets entering the septic tanks and water tanks.

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Our Services

Complete elimination of the mosquito in the Septic Tank i.e. no more mosquito breeding in the Septic Tank will be accomplished by the use of the following:

MOSQUI  TRAP: This a trap fitted on the vent pipe of the Septic tanks where adult mosquito will not be able to enter and lay their eggs.

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Mosqui-Trap New Product launch - Video

Mosqui-Trap Protection

Mosqui-trap Protection